Show My Passion Itself….In Other Way….

Opppsss I’ve Been Missing Here…..Yeah I Am Hiatus Currently Coz Quite Busy With Other Work….But Now I’l Be Back Gradually To Make New Shot And Some Art Photography Too….

As U Can See Now Is Picture OF Myself Been Shot Last Year And Ironically, I Just Discover It Yesterday LOL

That’s My Guitar,That’s My T-Shirt And More…. But Yeah That’s Me Hahahaha

Credit To My Friend Who Manage To Take This Shot


Anyway I Try To Find More Inside My VaultĀ 

More To Come ^ ^



Water Bliss

Water Bliss

Everything Surround Us Can Become Something We Can Call An Art…..
And Yes It Is…….Have Any Idea Through Your Car Window Can Give An Inspiration??

So Let Us Inspire Each Other

Marceliza And Ronnie Session

A Good Friend Of Mine…Yeah….They One Of The Cast In The Video I Post Last Time So This Is A Shot I Capture

Before I Do The Time Lapse And Stop Motion Video…….

What Words Can Describe Instead Of Sweet ?

Isn’t Both Of Is Cute? ^ ^


Fish Up To The Sky

Fish Up To The Sky

While I Am On The Back From Keningau To Kota Kinabalu Few Days Ago……The Really Mesmerize A Lot And This Is One Of The Shot I Manage To Capture……..My 1st Impression Is Fish……That’s All Hahaha
The Sun Is Really Something That Time How I Wish I Can Touch The Sky ^ ^

Time Lapse And Stop Motion Journey 2012(Beach Friendship)

I’ve Been Started Play With Time Lapse And Stop Motion Since 5 Years Ago With Small Digital Camera To Big One

Such A Memory……

Now I Present A 2012 Time Lapse Video Done By Me ^ ^

My First Photo In WordPress ^ ^

My First Photo In WordPress ^ ^

I Am New Here Since I’m Using Blogspot Page For Posting My Photography Work But Now I Will Moving Gradually Here ^ ^.

So This Is A First Photo I Posted N More Will Come Soon ^ ^